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Call for participation in international research project: inspiration and self-awareness in entrepreneurship education

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The hypothesis that participation in an entrepreneurship course actually leads to higher ánd lower scores on entrepreneurial intentions via self-awareness (and that this is a positive thing), is a new approach. The study is also innovative in its focus on inspiration and its use of a multi-item construct from the area of psychology to measure this. Furthermore, it is the first to explore which specific course aspects (content or form) are related to inspiration and self-awareness. Finally, it is the first international comparison of the specific content of entrepreneurship courses with a pre-post design to be executed on this scale. In this sense it is different than, for example, the GUESSS project, which is a one-time measurement of entrepreneurial intentions and contextual factors among a broad population of students.

Joining this research project will result in knowledge development (you will be the first to have access to the results), more visibility and extended international networking, and possibly very specific ideas for curriculum innovation. So far, six institutions (from Canada, Finland, Norway and the United Arab Emirates) have already expressed their interest and sixteen more institutions from countries all over the world have very recently been approached.

Can you provide us with students to participate in our international research project on the impact of entrepreneurship education on students’ entrepreneurial intentions via self-awareness and inspiration?

We are looking for students who follow a course specifically dedicated to entrepreneurship (elective or obligatory, not necessarily part of a program in entrepreneurship). We also need an equally sized control group of students with a similar profile that do not follow this course. The course should last between 6 weeks and 6 months (minimum: 3 US credits or 5 ECTS). The measurements (1 in the first week of classes, 1 before the final grades are published) can be anywhere between November 1, 2015, and July 1, 2016.

Please let us know if you are interested,


Kind regards,

Dr. Anne van Ewijk (Abu Dhabi University, UAE) & Dr. Wiebke Weber (Pompeu Fabra University, Spain)



Entrepreneurial ecosystems: basis voor duurzame groei?

Tweedaagse Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Academy, Utrecht, 25-26 augustus 2015

Ondernemerschap, vastgoed, financiers, arbeidsmarkt: vaak zijn het losse onderdelen in economisch beleid. In een ecosysteembenadering zijn die onderdelen juist op elkaar afgestemd. De ecosysteembenadering wint terrein maar roept ook vragen op. Die worden geadresseerd op 25-26 augustus 2015 tijdens de eerste Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Academy. De Academy vindt plaats in Utrecht, bij het Utrecht Center of Entrepreneurship.


Er is door regio’s en steden de afgelopen jaren veel geïnvesteerd in campussen, opleidingen en in startups. Maar hoe kan duurzame welvaart in gemeenten en regio’s worden ontwikkeld? Universiteiten, hbo, mbo en ondernemers spelen een cruciale rol in de kenniseconomie van morgen, ingebed in een bredere context van financiers, intermediaire diensten, de netwerken die deze spelers verbinden en de randvoorwaarden die dit mogelijk maken. Deze bredere context wordt samengevat in de Entrepreneurial Ecosystem benadering waarin de elementen van een (stads)regio die cruciaal zijn voor het floreren van ondernemerschap en werkgelegenheid worden benoemd, inclusief hun interactie, en uiteindelijk ook de effecten hiervan op de vitaliteit van de (stads)regio.


In de Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Academy komt een groot aantal vragen aan de orde. Hoe ontstaan Entrepreneurial Ecosystems en hoe houd je ze gezond? Hoe zorg je ervoor dat de ‘leaders’ van deze ecosystemen het voortouw nemen, en hoe kunnen de ‘feeders’ zorgen voor optimale randvoorwaarden en interactie? Het Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship en Birch Consultants hebben samen een Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Academy ontwikkeld die antwoord geeft op deze vragen, vanuit zowel de wetenschap als de praktijk. In deze Academy worden colleges over de Entrepreneurial Ecosystem benadering gecombineerd met concrete vraagstukken en handvatten. Er worden diverse casussen uit binnen- en buitenland bediscussieerd, en deelnemers kunnen ook voor de eigen (stads)regio van de deelnemers analyses en handvatten mee naar huis nemen. De Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Academy richt zich op beleidsmakers en –uitvoerders van regio’s en gemeenten, en andere stakeholders van Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.

Voor wie?

De Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Academy is o.a. bedoeld voor (senior) beleidsadviseurs EZ, strategisch adviseurs van overheden en onderwijsinstellingen, programmamanagers van clusterorganisaties en incubators, managers van investeringsfondsen en kredietverleners.

Door wie?

Het Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship van de Universiteit Utrecht samen met Birch Consultants verzorgt de Academy, met steun van de Economic Board Utrecht.

Klik hier voor aanmelding.
Meer informatie?
Erik Stam, via of via 030-2537894
Organisatiecomité: Monique Roso, Erik Stam, Jan Peter van den Toren
Prijs: €450 (inclusief koffie/thee, lunches, diner, leermaterialen), €150 voor deelnemers onderzoeksconsortium
Programma (voorlopig):

Dinsdag 25 augustus

9.00-9.30:  Inloop, koffie/thee

9.30-10.30:  Introductie

10.30-12.30:  Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: fundamentals (Erik Stam – Universiteit Utrecht)

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-14.30  Nationaal beleid voor ondernemerschap en lokale implicaties (Pieter Waasdorp – Ministerie van Economische Zaken)

13.30-14.30  Casus 1: Cambridge (Erik Stam)

14.30-17.30 Casus 2 + Tour Utrecht (Monique Roso)

18.00-21.00 Discussie Utrechtse Casus + diner

Woensdag 26 augustus

09.30-12.00 Workshop “Evalueer je lokale Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: waar liggen kansen voor versterking” (Birch Consultants)

12.00-13.00 Interactieve lezing + panel

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-17.00  Bijeenkomst met deelnemers aan het Onderzoeksconsortium -verdienvermogen en veerkracht door krachtige Entrepreneurial Ecosystems” (op uitnodiging)


DARE Seminar November 5: Call For Papers

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Establishing the Knowledge Triangle between Education, Research and Entrepreneurship.

DARE seminar at Utrecht University on November 5, 2015

There is broad consensus that entrepreneurship enhances an innovative culture in higher education, which in turn results in higher competitiveness. As a result, significant government funding has been allocated to the promotion and development of entrepreneurship in knowledge institutes. However, much of this investment is founded on anecdotal evidence on the causal connection between stimulating entrepreneurship and the impact this has on society. To strengthen the knowledge base, the upcoming DARE seminar aims to discuss the current state of research in the Netherlands on entrepreneurship education, technology transfer and knowledge valorisation. With this we aim to contribute to the knowledge triangle between education, research and entrepreneurship.

Call for Papers

We invite researchers and practitioners to submit papers. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcomed. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical development of entrepreneurship education and the proposed and actual relationship between entrepreneurship education and economic development including: employability, new venture creation, and competitiveness.
  • Evaluating the impact and role of government and industry policies in promoting entrepreneurship.
  • Methodological issues in research on entrepreneurship education and on the impact of knowledge valorisation, the availability and assessment of new data sources, and innovation in research approaches.
  • Best practices of entrepreneurship education and knowledge valorisation, assessed from various stakeholder perspectives.

The DARE seminar aims to further develop the submitted research and the program allows for only a selection of papers. Please submit manuscripts in a word-compatible format electronically, before 1 October 2015. Papers will be evaluated by the organising committee and acceptance will be notified by email before 15 October. For submissions and questions please contact us at

We are very delighted to receive your high quality work and look forward to an invigorating DARE event.

The organising committee,

Roy Thurik (Chair)
Nardo de Vries (Secretary)
Hein Roelfsema
Erik Stam

The conference is powered by:

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Have you recently finished your PhD Thesis in entrepreneurship and the small business field and are now wondering what’s coming next? Do you want to learn more about publishing your research? Do you need advice on your latest research proposal or an article you are working on? Do you want to set up (international) research collaborations, and are looking for collaborators? Do you want to give a fillip to your career opting for the PDWW AWARD? Join us at the next RENT post-doctoral writing workshop!

The European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB) is offering a workshop for EARLY CAREER RESEARCHERS, with preference given to those who have finished their PhD within the past 5 years. A paper can be submitted both to the RENT conference and to the workshop; however admission to present a paper at the workshop does not secure its admission to be presented at the conference (ie: a paper in an initial stage of development).

Read more

Conference on success and well-being among entrepreneurs in the Netherlands (PhD defense Josette Dijkhuizen)

On June 25, female entrepreneur and PhD candidate Josette Dijkhuizen, will publicly defend her dissertation, titled: Entrepreneurship, easier said than done…. A study on success and well-being among entrepreneurs in The Netherlands. 

In her dissertation Dijkhuizen investigated how entrepreneurs’ job demands relate to their work-related strain and work engagement, as well as their feelings of subjective success. Among others, her work contributes to the literature firstly by focusing on psychological rather than business outcomes of entrepreneurship, and secondly by contextualizing demands and resources for entrepreneurs, e.g. capturing the general but also the specific factors that are demands and resources in entrepreneurial work.

Read more

Save the date! DARE Seminar in Maastricht, 13 May 2015

With great pleasure we invite you to the next DARE-seminar on Current topics in entrepreneurship research. The seminar will be held on May 13th 2015 from 11.00-16.00 hrs at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University (Tongersestraat 53, Maastricht).

Teaser DARE May 13 2015

We will discuss several papers that cover the state of the art in entrepreneurship research within the DARE community. Lunch will be included and there is an optional City Walk through beautiful Maastricht. N.B.: the next day is Ascension Day for those who want to extend their stay.

The provisional program for the day is as follows:
– Round of introductions and current research topics
– Lecture 1 + discussion
– Lunch
– Lecture 2 + discussion
– Lecture 3 + discussion
– Coffee/tea break
– Lecture 4 + discussion
– City Walk Maastricht (optional: we will pass by Central Station for those who need to leave early)

More details on the program will be sent to you as soon as possible. Members are welcomed to present relevant work. To join this seminar (or if you want to present your work) please send a reply  before May 1st to:

Stay informed via the DARE-website
On behalf of DARE, we hope to welcome you at this exciting next seminar at beautiful Maastricht.

Roy Thurik (Chair) and Nardo de Vries (Secretary)

DARE research seminar on “Types and Roles of Entrepreneurship”, 11 December

It is with great pleasure that we invitate you to the 4th DARE research seminar on Types and Roles of Entrepreneurship. The seminar will be held on December 11th 2014 from 15.00-18.00 hrs at the ECE Campus, in the Rotterdam Science Tower. We will discuss what we know about various types of entrepreneurs (e.g. ambitious entrepreneurship, solo self-employment et cetera) and which roles they play in our economy and society.

The final program for the afternoon and directions to the venue can be clicked. After the seminar we offer the occasion to reminisce about the rich history of the Research Program on SMEs and entrepreneurship. We will toast while enjoying the beautiful view from the Science Tower.

To join this seminar please send a reply before December 2nd via:

On behalf of DARE, I hope to welcome you at the seminar.

Nardo de Vries, Secretary of DARE

Call for papers: IECER 2015

DARE is pleased to announce that the IECER 2015 conference is now open for your abstract submission! The 13th Annual Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research (IECER) will be held at the Montpellier Business School, France (see CfP_IECER2015)

We invite you to submit an abstract outlining your contribution to the conference. Submissions for empirical and theoretical research papers will be welcome on the following and similar topics:

  • Entrepreneurship and growth
  • Regional entrepreneurship
  • Innovation activities – antecedents and consequences
  • Human and social capital of new venture teams
  • Crowdfunding
  • Online communication and online marketing
  • Spin-offs and technology transfer
  • Open innovation and crowdsourcing
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Family firms
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Entrepreneurial organizations and workplace innovation

Keynote speaker: Professor David B. Audretsch

Montpellier, France, 25th-27th February 2015 /





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