DARE Seminar November 5: Call For Papers


Establishing the Knowledge Triangle between Education, Research and Entrepreneurship.

DARE seminar at Utrecht University on November 5, 2015

There is broad consensus that entrepreneurship enhances an innovative culture in higher education, which in turn results in higher competitiveness. As a result, significant government funding has been allocated to the promotion and development of entrepreneurship in knowledge institutes. However, much of this investment is founded on anecdotal evidence on the causal connection between stimulating entrepreneurship and the impact this has on society. To strengthen the knowledge base, the upcoming DARE seminar aims to discuss the current state of research in the Netherlands on entrepreneurship education, technology transfer and knowledge valorisation. With this we aim to contribute to the knowledge triangle between education, research and entrepreneurship.

Call for Papers

We invite researchers and practitioners to submit papers. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcomed. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical development of entrepreneurship education and the proposed and actual relationship between entrepreneurship education and economic development including: employability, new venture creation, and competitiveness.
  • Evaluating the impact and role of government and industry policies in promoting entrepreneurship.
  • Methodological issues in research on entrepreneurship education and on the impact of knowledge valorisation, the availability and assessment of new data sources, and innovation in research approaches.
  • Best practices of entrepreneurship education and knowledge valorisation, assessed from various stakeholder perspectives.

The DARE seminar aims to further develop the submitted research and the program allows for only a selection of papers. Please submit manuscripts in a word-compatible format electronically, before 1 October 2015. Papers will be evaluated by the organising committee and acceptance will be notified by email before 15 October. For submissions and questions please contact us at info@dutchce.nl.

We are very delighted to receive your high quality work and look forward to an invigorating DARE event.

The organising committee,

Roy Thurik (Chair)
Nardo de Vries (Secretary)
Hein Roelfsema
Erik Stam

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