Launch of CRSE: a new international think tank on self-employment and its impact on the economy

A new think tank devoted to research on self-employment and freelancing was launched on 26 November with a memorable celebration at the iconic National Gallery London. The Centre for Research on Self-Employment (CRSE) is a pioneering venture and will be the leading think tank working to improve the understanding of self-employment and its impact on the economy.

Through collaboration with a network of academics from around the world, the CRSE will deliver robust and multidisciplinary research into this now significant sector. The CRSE’s work will provide the basis for international comparisons and, ultimately, create a more informed and innovative library of knowledge on this topic. Another key function of the CRSE is to inform debate over regulatory issues which affect the self-employed. So far, at least three prominent members of DARE were invited to be involved in this think tank.

The Handbook of Research on Freelancing and Self-Employment
To coincide with the launch, the CRSE has published its first book, ‘The Handbook of Research on Freelancing and Self-Employment’. The Handbook includes contributions from leading international academics who, over thirteen chapters, explore a diverse set of topics surrounding freelancing and self-employment. For those who are interested in further reading, the book can be downloaded from the CRSE website at

What’s to come…
The Handbook is the first step in developing an accessible single source for key research into this sector, and just the beginning of much more to come from the CRSE. In the coming months new publications into self-employment trends across Europe and the UK will be published in the CRSE Research Library. The library will also play host to a series of videos that showcase the research and expert perspectives of some of the leading minds in self-employment studies, which were filmed at the Global Workshop on Freelancing and Self-Employment held 26-27 November 2015 in London.

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, is proud to support and be a catalyst in the development of the CRSE which is chaired by Professor Andrew Burke, Dean of Trinity Business School at Trinity College Dublin.

Commenting on the launch, CRSE Chairman Prof. Andrew Burke, Dean of Trinity Business School, Dublin, said: “The self-employed and freelancers are transforming business practices and career choice. Businesses are making greater use of freelancers to manage risk and drive growth through the adoption of more agile, flexible and innovative activities. We have come a long way from the situation in the last Century when freelancing was regarded as the domain of vulnerable workers. This new think tank brings together the world’s leading researchers in the field and engages them with industry in order to create a deeper knowledge of modern freelancing to better inform managers, entrepreneurs, public policy and those undertaking a freelance career.”

IPSE Chairman James Collings said: “In supporting the creation of the Centre for Research on Self-Employment, IPSE is striving to deepen our understanding of the people we represent. It is widely recognised that the self-employed have an important impact on modern economies, but they are a sector of the labour market that is often misunderstood and misrepresented. The CRSE will also play a key role in strengthening our ability to make evidence-based policy proposals to Government.“