DARE research seminar, December 2 at VU Amsterdam

2 December 2016 - 13:00 / 18:00

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Dear members of DARE,

We cordially invite you to the 10th DARE research seminar “ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN CONTEXT” on December 2 2016, 13:00-18:00 hours (including network drinks), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Call for papers:

Much of current research presents research results as if they are universally and timelessly valid. Entrepreneurship in Context draws attention to the idea that entrepreneurship is a context bound phenomenon. For entrepreneurship, the importance of context goes beyond gaining understanding and avoiding mistakes. The reciprocal influence exercised by the entrepreneurial venture and its corresponding context is at the very heart of the entrepreneur as an agent of change. As such, context is not the same as a static background upon which events happen, but intricately linked to the actions and outcomes of entrepreneurship.

In this DARE seminar, co-organized with the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship, and the Department of Management and Organization Studies as the VU University Amsterdam, we invite novel papers and presentations about research in which context and history are brought into our understanding of entrepreneurship in new ways. For example, we welcome proposals addressing:

  • Alternative theoretical approaches to entrepreneurship, such as entrepreneurship as practice, process theory (entrepreneuring), or others, that bring context into focus
  • How, why and with what outcomes different practices and actions by entrepreneurs are interlinked with other practices and actions by others
  • How implicating context into entrepreneurship studies changes thinking about topics like entrepreneurial learning, skills, and competencies
  • The ways in which historical processes are implicated in entrepreneurship practices and effects
  • Useful methodological strategies to bring context into focus

This seminar aims to discuss, reflect on and further develop submitted papers. The program allows for a limited number of presentations; if you are interested in presenting your work, please submit a short abstract (max. 300 words) in a word-compatible format electronically to n.a.thompson@vu.nl before 15 November, 2016. Unpublished work and work in progress are welcomed.

Please register by sending an email to: Jessica van Gendt at j.van.gendt@vu.nl with your full name and name of the organization.

Organizing committee: Neil Thompson, Enno Masurel, & Nardo de Vries

We look forward to receiving your work and an inspiring DARE event!