NovelTalk by NIKOS: How can organisations co-create value with their customers?

7 December 2017 – 19:45 DESIGNLAB HENGELOSESTRAAT 500 7521 AN ENSCHEDE NETHERLANDS053 489…What organisations do to create and deliver value for their customers has always been a core topic in marketing theory and practice. Nowadays, firms seem to increasingly involve customers in the value creation process. Through this, customers are more engaged in the value creation process. Value is

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NovelTalk by NIKOS: Imagination in the Entrepreneurial Process

16 November 2017 – 19:45 SAXION CENTRUM VOOR ONDERNEMERSCHAP ARIËNSPLEIN 1 7511 JX ENSCHEDE NETHERLANDS088 – 019…At the beginning of every startup is a venture idea – an incomplete, rough, mental representation of what the company will be. From previous research, we know that creating these venture ideas depends on factors rooted in the past: prior knowledge of the market and

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