Invitation to workshops at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Dear colleague,

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences is pleased to announce that two researchers from Stetson University are visiting this month. Ramachandran Subramanian has started at Windesheim the 9th of May, he was accepted for a scholarship and will be combining research and teaching. Ram’s academic background is in strategic management. In addition, he teaches courses in a variety of areas in the broad field of management including family business, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior. Isabel Botero will arrive on the 24th of May and will be staying for one week. She is manager of the Family Enterprise Centre of Stetson University’s School of Business Administration. Isabel is also an educator, researcher and consultant in the areas of management and family enterprises.

We want to invite and welcome you to three interesting workshops. See the following link for details:

Invitation workshops Ram Subramian and Isabel Botero Stetson University Florida[3]

You can register yourself for the workshops by sending an e-mail to Karin Rozendal-de Groot:

On behalf of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences,

Ilse Matser, Albertha Wielsma, Margré Heetebrij-van Dalfsen