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Message to DARE Members October 10, 2023

Dear DARE members, To increase the impact of entrepreneurship work by scholars at Dutch universities, DARE offers to share initiatives you organize to other DARE members. To do so even more effectively, we ask you to update your information and to invite colleagues that may be interested to join. Furthermore, we invite you to join our new LinkedIn group:  DARE

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Inaugural DARE Session Petra de Weerd- Nederhof

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Friday 3 February 2023 Prior to the inaugural address of Petra de Weerd- Nederhof, we welcome you to the DARE 2.0 Seminar and/or the Innovation of Tech-Driven Ecosystems symposium in the Pretoria building. Both events are held in English, the address at 16.00 is in Dutch. Looking forward to your participation! Program DARE 2.0 Seminar Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Economic Development Erik Stam, Massimo Riccaboni, Luigi Longo

84 hrs (3 ects)  Learning Outcomes: Understanding the nature, change and analytics of entrepreneurial ecosystems, entrepreneurship and economic development. Abstract: One of the key drivers of economic development is the process of entrepreneurship: the identification, evaluation and pursuit of opportunities for innovation. Why does entrepreneurship thrive in certain economies and not in others? How can economies be made more entrepreneurial?

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