NovelTalk by NIKOS: How can organisations co-create value with their customers?

7 December 2017 - 19:45


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What organisations do to create and deliver value for their customers has always been a core topic in marketing theory and practice. Nowadays, firms seem to increasingly involve customers in the value creation process. Through this, customers are more engaged in the value creation process. Value is thus, “co-created”. Value co-creation is based on the idea that involving customers enhances their value experience (i.e. how customers experience value through using products or services). So, value experience and value co-creation are crucial concepts for organisations to understand. How exactly customers experience and create value is still not fully known. The next important challenge is how organisations can influence the customers’ value experience through the value co-creation process.

 In this NovelTalks session, Yasin will introduce the core concepts of the new dominant marketing paradigm (The Service(-Dominant) Logic) used in his research. He will share his findings about a critical paradox of value experience and value creation that has been uncovered in his most recent research with Dr. Raymond Loohuis. Through using practical examples, Yasin will discuss implications about how organisations can overcome this “value paradox”. This serves as a start point for future research in the concept of value co-creation and how organisations can enhance the value experience of customers in each step of the Customer Journey.

About the speaker:

Yasin Sahhar MSc. is consultant at The Next Organization, an internationally operating consultancy firm specialised in optimising the commercial performance of organisations. He works on several (strategic) marketing related projects. Besides that, Yasin is a PhD researcher in Strategic Marketing Management at the University of Twente at ESIM – NIKOS. He specialises in the field of Strategic Marketing Management and the Service(-Dominant) Logic; in particular in customer value, value experience and value co-creation.

       Yasin Sahhar

This research is a collaboration between The Next Organization and the University of Twente. Several companies from different sectors are involved to form a research consortium to develop state-of-the-art knowledge on value experience and value co-creation, that is both relevant for academia and practice. Interested in Yasin’s research? Please contact:

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