Seminar on entrepreneurship education @ VU Amsterdam

30 May 2017 - 10:30 / 12:30

VU, room 2a-32 (VU main building, 2nd floor)

We have a variety of speakers and contributions, featuring different approaches, and different contexts. The format for this event is as follows: short (10 minute) presentations on various topics, followed by discussion, with the particular aim of finding possibilities for collaboration. So, also if you are not a speaker but have any upcoming research projects, papers, and/or interesting data on e’ship education: please share!

  • Ulla Hytti (University of Turku) on academic entrepreneurship as a social process
  • Enno Masurel & Marco van Gelderen (VU University Amsterdam) on entrepreneurship education outside the business domain
  • Tamar Almor (Tel Aviv University) on entrepreneurship education in Israel
  • Karen Verduijn (VU University Amsterdam) on blended learning & entrepreneurship education, and ‘critical’ entrepreneurship education

After the seminar we walk to the Zuidas where we will enjoy lunch together (short walk, approx. 10 minutes).

Looking forward to seeing you on May 30!


Dr. J.K. (Karen) Verduijn

VU University Amsterdam – Department of Management & Organization


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