Postponed: DARE Research Seminar 2020-1


Given the current global pandemic, and restrictions on movement and well-being, we have decided to postpone the DARE Research Seminar 2020 title “Entrepreneurship from a Work and Organizational Psychology Perspective”. We will follow developments closely and inform everyone when a new date has been set for the event. Thank you for your understanding.


We cordially invite you to attend and contribute to the first 2020 DARE Research Seminar on “Entrepreneurship from a Work and Organizational Psychology Perspective”, which will be organized in collaboration with the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (ESSB) and the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

When? Thursday May 14, 2020 (afternoon, exact time will be announced later, drinks included)

Where? Woudestein Campus, Erasmus University Rotterdam (exact location will be announced later)

Organizing committee
• Marjan Gorgievski (ESSB)
• Niels Rietveld (ESE)

Theme: “Entrepreneurship from a Work and Organizational Psychology Perspective”

Psychology has made the second largest contribution (after economics) to the development and legitimization of entrepreneurship research. The initial enthusiasm about the psychological approach to entrepreneurship following McClelland’s (1961) introduction of achievement motivation subsided when the early trait approaches to entrepreneurship failed to have sustained impact. However, cognitive and social psychology gained ground by making major contributions to the understanding of entrepreneurial decision making processes (Cooper, Folta & Woo, 1995) and social networking (Aldrich & Zimmer, 1986).

The past two decades have witnessed a boost in publications on entrepreneurship drawing on different psychological perspectives (Gorgievski & Stephan, 2016). The upcoming DARE Research Seminar aims to present new developments in the psychology of entrepreneurship from the perspective of Work and Organizational Psychology. This applied field within psychology analyzes human behavior in relation to work, by applying its specific theories and research methods to study individuals and organizations. Work and Organizational Psychologists can provide important insights that can be used to stimulate people to become and remain successful entrepreneurs.

Additionally, entrepreneurs’ unique working environment provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about its consequences for individual well-being and performance. Such insights are particularly relevant today, when new ways of working more and more resemble entrepreneurial working conditions.

Next to an up-to-date keynote address, this DARE research seminar aims to showcase between four to six exemplary research projects adopting a Work and Organizational Psychology perspective that contribute significantly to our current understanding of entrepreneurial career choice and
entrepreneurial success and wellbeing in its broadest sense. We welcome submissions of both theoretical and empirical papers. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
• Entrepreneurship as a career choice and entrepreneurial careers;
• Cognitions, emotions and decision making;
• Entrepreneurial leadership;
• Proactive versus reactive forms of entrepreneurial behavior;
• Motivation and self-regulation;
• Goal setting, goal adjustment, goal disengagement;
• Entrepreneurs’ work design, performance, wellbeing and work-life balance;
• Network creation and support paths.

Call for Papers
Scholars who are interested in presenting their work at the upcoming DARE Research Seminar are kindly requested to submit an extended abstract or a full working paper to Marjan Gorgievski ( and Niels Rietveld ( no later than Monday April 13, 2020. We welcome manuscripts that have not yet been published. Manuscripts will be selected based on quality and fit to the mission of the seminar. We look forward to receiving your work and to your attendance on the 14th of May 2020! More information about the exact program will follow in due course.