DARE Seminar at Leiden University a Success

Dear DARE members,

Thank you for joining the recent DARE seminar in Leiden. According to us, it was a great success. We hope you have enjoyed the program as much as we did.


Werner Liebregts opened the afternoon with a few words on the history, the organization and aims of DARE. Recently, he and Neil Thompson took over from Nardo de Vries as secretaries of DARE. Please contact Werner (W.J.Liebregts@uvt.nl)for any question you may have about the seminars, and Neil (n.a.thompson@vu.nl) in case you have anything relevant to share (e.g., via the DARE website). Werner’s slides can be accessed via this link.

Subsequently, Peter van der Zwan welcomed all seminar participants at the Department of Business Studies of Leiden University. The seminar took place in the Grotiuszaal, named after Hugo de Groot, of the Kamerlingh Onnes Building, named after one of Leiden University’s Nobel prize winners. He also introduced the theme of the day, viz. Entrepreneurial Dynamics in a Globalized World. Peter’s slides can be accessed via this link.

The program included four full paper presentations and a keynote speech. The first presenter, Marcus Dejardin, focused on how causation and effectuation together relate to the innovation performance of SMEs. Second, Marina van Geenhuizen focused on the relationship between founding team and network diversity on the one hand, and university spinoffs’ performance on the other hand.

After a short break, Taghi Zadeh explained the role of industry and cultural distance between portfolio firms in the performance of corporate venture capital (CVC) investors. Subsequently, Wim Naudé discussed the possible reasons behind the decline in Schumpeterian entrepreneurship. Finally, Jan Adriaanse elaborated on how several topics within the theme of entrepreneurial dynamism can be approached from a legal perspective. Jan’s slides can be accessed via this link.

Roy Thurik, the chair of DARE, was responsible for the wrap-up of the afternoon. During the drinks afterwards there were ample opportunities to reflect on the afternoon and to interact with each other!

Please save the date for the next DARE seminar, which will take place in the afternoon of November 14, 2019. The location and theme of the seminar are yet to be announced. We will keep you updated on this via our website and Twitter account. We hope to see you there (again)!


Kind regards,

Werner Liebregts, Neil Thompson and Peter van der Zwan